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Target Media is a truly 360 degree agency. Offering clients the entire gamut of communications service. 

Print Media

We offer Ad strategy to creative to Newspaper media planning, servicing more than 150 corporate and retail accounts.


Digital marketing is data driven and targeted brand promotion through technology.


A surefire visual medium with 100% family reach. It is not expensive medium now.


This medium is a supportive one and helps grab more eyeballs for your brand.


udio advertising helps increase the impact & awareness through creative interaction.


It is important to be seen on the internet. You can have a great business but I people do not see nor find you, what does it profit you?

About Us

A great brand without effective advertising is like a ship in the night. It disappears over the horizon without anybody noticing it. The key word in that truism is ‘effective’. Anybody can create advertisements. But not everybody has mastered the art of effective advertising.

After 14 years in the business, we at Target Media believe we possess a showcase of work and case studies that cumulatively point to effective advertising. Effective’ because it all stems from refreshing ideas.

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